Web Videos

When I go out into the field  I often take video equipment with me, so that aside from doing a text story I can also get some video for the websites and social media platforms I work for. Here are some web videos I´ve produced for Univision and Fusion.net

Ayotzinapa Vive! A month with Mexico’s student protesters

Twenty thousand people are currently missing in Mexico, but the disappearance of 43 students in September of 2014, struck a nerve in this country like few other crimes in its recent history.  This video, shot over several weeks, captures the chaotic protests that followed the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa students.

Smugglers turn Venezuelan crisis into Colombian cash out

For years, the Colombia-Venezuela border has been a great marketplace for smugglers, who took cheap Venezuelan gasoline into Colombia. But in 2015, when Venezuela´s currency started to crash, smugglers ramped up their offering of contraband goods, diversifying into things like shampoo, corn flour and beef. I produced this video on beef smuggling, to complement a larger story on the growth of smuggling along the border. We shared the video on Fusion´s social media platforms to draw readers into the story.

Chavez tattoos express love for socialism and possible cult of personality

After Hugo Chavez died of cancer, the Venezuelan government financed a wide range of activities to lionize the former president, and strengthen the emotional connection between the masses and their fallen leader. These activities included free sessions where people could get Hugo Chavez tattoos.  I produced this video to complement a text story on Chavez´s emerging cult of personality.

Student protesters in Venezuela under attack from radical groups

As Venezuela headed into a critical presidential election following Chavez´s death, it became increasingly tricky for activists to express their concerns over the country’s biased electoral system.  On Apr 8, a group of hunger strikers was harassed by government supporters who launched molotov cocktails at them and destroyed their campsite. [See text story]

Ayotzinapa students share video of peers before they went missing

Students at the Ayotzinapa rural teacher’s college gave us exclusive footage of their missing peers, joking around and plowing flower fields before they were kidnapped by police on the night of Sept. 26th 2014.  [see text story]

Indigenous groups fight back against oil industry after pipeline spills poison the Amazon

In 2014 Peru´s aging oil pipeline broke several times, contaminating the Amazon basin and threatening the livelihoods of local tribes. Despite these problems Peru continued to grant oil concessions in this affected area of the rain forest. I went deep into the jungle to see the extent of the damage and produced this video, along with a text story.

Colombia and the FARC finally sign peace treaty

Produced for Fusion’s Facebook page on Sept 26, 2016