Here´s a small sample of my radio pieces.

Facing Extinction

Free Speech Radio News, 21.12. 2009

Colombia´s armed conflict is forcing thousands of indigenous people to flee their territories and head to cities and towns where they must drastically change their eating habits and their way of life. I visited the Jib and the Nukak Maku, two tribes from the Orinoco river basin, whose members are now mostly refugees.

Transgender activist seeks congressional seat

CBC Radio Canada, 14.03.2010

Shelcy Sanchez is seeking a seat in Colombia´s congress and hoping to represent the interests of the country´s LGBT community.  But the former sex worker and public health promoter must overcome death threats and social prejudice while  competing against traditional candidates that are spending 10 to 15 times more money. (Listen)                                                                                                                                         

Conservatives win big in Colombian elections

Free Speech Radio News 15.03.2010

Conservative parties dominated congressional elections in Colombia taking more than 65 percent of seats in the senate and a majority in the house.  The winning parties are allied to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and some say their victory ensures the continuation of Uribe´s  security policies.  (Listen).

Victims of paramilitary groups sue American coal company

Free Speech Radio News 26.05.2009

In May, more than 200 Colombians announced plans to file a lawsuit against Birmingham, Alabama-based Drummond Coal Company, which operates an open pit coalmine in Colombia’s northern Cesar department. They charge the company financed right wing death squads in Colombia, which assassinated more than 200 civilians between 2000 and 2006. (Go to FSRN site)

Colombia´s travel agents hype up drug trafficking legacy

dsc08108Free Speech Radio News,  14.01.2009

Medelllin used to be one of the world´s most dangerous cities. It was famous for cocaine cartels, roadside bombs and Pablo Escobar. But the city has changed so much that tour companies now entertain visitors with a Pablo Escobar theme tour.  (Go to FSRN site)

Caught in the crossfire, The World, (PRI) 01.04 2008

In Colombia millions of people have been forced to flee their homes due to fighting between left wing rebels the colombian army and right wing paramilitaries.  But the Nasa Indians have devised a strategy to mitigate the violence and to stay on their lands. (Listen) (Go to The World site)

Green car boom

Free Speech Radio News, 04.22.2009

In April, Colombian engineers presented this country´s first electric hybrid to a proud audience of journalists and businessmen. Yakey, the company behind the two seat Salamandra Lexion is one of many start-ups entering the green car market around the world, it says it will sell its car for under $10,000. (Go to FSRN site)