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My name´s Manuel Rueda and I´m a journalist based in Bogota, Colombia.  Since 2008, I´ve been working as a correspondent for several international media outlets that are interested in well-researched, hard hitting, insightful and colorful stories from this part of the world.


I started out freelancing for American and Canadian broadcasters, like the CBC, Voice of America and Free Speech Radio News.

Then, after completing a masters at Columbia University (New York) I worked for three years in Mexico as a reporter for Univision and Fusion.net, where I took on a wide range of text and video assignments that included several video pieces on the emergence of paramilitary groups, coverage of Mexico’s energy reforms and a story on an indigenous tribe that is struggling to maintain its unique whistle language.

I returned to Bogota in 2015, and since then, this has been my base for covering stories in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.  Most of my work currently appears on Fusion.net, though I am currently starting to produce content for other news outlets.

Shooting an oil spill in the Amazon

Shooting an oil spill in the Amazon

I can help you with video, text and radio stories, as well as with research or footage for TV productions.  My areas of interest include the armed conflict in Colombia, Venezuela´s economic implosion and mining projects the Amazon, as well as any story that is so fun and juicy that it deserves to be told!

Feel free to browse through this site for some examples of my work.  I´ve divided this site into sections that show you my capability to produce TV segments, web video, text stories and radio features.

Hasta pronto,

Manuel Rueda

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